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Level the playing field in poultry industry- Ngakaagae
Local attorney, Kgosi Ngakaage has called on stakeholders to act swiftly to address abuse of (...)
[The Voice] 17/09/2020

FSS Closed
Francistown Senior Secondary School has been temporarily closed after seven students tested (...)
[The Voice] 17/09/2020
ACHAP denies donor taps have run dry
The African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP) has denied it faces an uncertain future (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Botswana urged to give more priority to Abuja Declaration target
Botswana is being advised to prioritise investment in health systems in national budgets in (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Ministry in charge of gambling is gambling with people’s lives
It would be mischievous to say that social-media entreaties and the countless pet-name (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Old Naledi on high alert as nurses, teachers test positive for COVID-19
The community of Gaborone’s Old Naledi township remains at greater risk of COVID-19 infection as (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020

PSP intervenes in Khama-DIS stand-off over number plate-changing exercise
The Permanent Secretary to the President, Elias Magosi, has intervened in a situation over (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Judge Moroka roasts biased psychiatrist
FRANCISTOWN: No-nonsense High Court judge Lot Moroka, has accused psychiatrist Dr. Paul Sidandi (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Botswana in a black hair protest blonde moment?
Botswana decision to join the hair protest raised by an offending racial purity online (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Botswana COVID-19 gets deadlier – data analytics
The risk of dying from COVID-19 in Botswana has doubled over the last three weeks, but the (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Air Botswana flying on a wing and a prayer
Air Botswana (AB) reportedly risks lives of passengers with flight deck crew members whose (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Taxman claims Prevailing Security evaded millions of Pula Tax
An answering affidavit by the Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) General Manager – (...)
[Sunday Standard] 17/09/2020
Former soldiers demand approximately P900 million
The government and BDF have been slapped with approximately P900 million demand by former (...)
[The Voice] 16/09/2020
Fire church for sale?
Apostle dismisses allegations of corruption A disgruntled congregation of a “fire church” in (...)
[The Voice] 16/09/2020
A bitter end
*VP’s nephew in toxic row with ex-wife *Estate to be auctioned to pay Khanda Bus Services owner (...)
[The Voice] 16/09/2020
Young , beautiful and Talented
Self-taught artist gains recognition Bame Bino Khiwa was denied a chance to study art at school (...)
[The Voice] 15/09/2020

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Botswana raises limits for domestic borrowing to nearly 3 bln USD
GABORONE, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Botswana's National Assembly on Wednesday endorsed the doubling of the southern African...
[The Africa news] 17/09/2020
Botswana First Lady partners with Merck Foundation
Gaborone [Botswana]/Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], September 15 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Merck Foundation, the...
[The Africa news] 15/09/2020
Botswana Parliament Rejects Call to Arm Game Rangers
GABORONE, BOTSWANA - Botswana's National Assembly has rejected a call to rearm its game rangers that was driven by a...
[The Africa news] 13/09/2020
Botswana: Pandemic Frustrates Athletes
[Botswana Daily News] Maun -- The impact of COVID-19 has brought sorrow and frustration to some North West District...
[AllAfrica] 10/09/2020
Botswana's president vows to boost small stock production
GABORONE, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- President Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana on Tuesday said that his aim is to make the...
[The Africa news] 08/09/2020
Botswana: Young People Urged to Consider Food as Business
[Botswana Daily News] Moshupa -- Botswana's P7.7 billion food import bill must challenge young minds to identify niche...
[AllAfrica] 08/09/2020
Southern Africa: Locust outbreaks threaten food security in southern Africa
[FAO] Accra -- Immediate action can prevent disaster in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
[AllAfrica] 07/09/2020
Southern Africa: Southern Africa Fights Against Locust Invasion As Millions Pushed to the Brink
[RFI] Authorities in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe are scrambling to control titanic swarms of migratory...
[AllAfrica] 07/09/2020
New locust outbreak adds to southern Africa’s woes
Another locust outbreak is threatening southern Africa, this time with the potential to affect some 7 million people in...
[Africa Times] 06/09/2020
Botswana registers no new elephant deaths since June
GABORONE, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- Botswana has recorded no new elephant deaths since June this year, Oduetse Koboto, the...
[The Africa news] 04/09/2020
It’s not just Technology that Secures an Organisation – it’s also People
The 2020 Security Culture Report collected data from more than 120,000 employees across 24 countries to find out exactly...
[IT News Africa] 29/08/2020
Botswana: Banning Trophy Hunting Can Put Wildlife At Risk - a Case Study
[The Conversation Africa] Wildlife tourism is an important segment of Botswana's tourism industry, representing 80% of...
[AllAfrica] 26/08/2020
Namibia, Botswana to build 5,000-MW solar project
WINDHOEK, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- Namibia and Botswana are set to sign an agreement to jointly develop a solar project of up...
[The Africa news] 22/08/2020

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